Cristian Marcia  

Meras Notas

The Meras Notas Ensemble was born from the idea of Cristian Marcia to involve and enhance young talents by giving them the opportunity to perform in important artistic contexts.

For twenty-two years Cristian Marcia has been carrying out an exciting work of support and aid to the musical culture in Sardinia with the International Music Academy of Cagliari, a region so penalized by its insularity. His work has meant that many young Sardinian musicians continue to cultivate the dream of pursuing an important concert career.

Thanks to his tenacity, many young people have had the opportunity to perfect their study with the most authoritative pedagogues of classical music, to enter with scholarship in the most important schools of high musical education, to join the international concert circuit. The collaboration between internationally renowned musicians and young artists is the strength of Cristian March’s artistic policy.

This commitment was officially recognized by UNESCO who elected the Cagliari International Music Academy as one of the reference partners in the international music circuit.

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Cristian Marcia